Brazos Bend State Park – Campout and Hike

2015-02-21 TWHC – Brazos Bend SP – Campout and Hike

By Rene Champagne
Brazos Bend State Park is truly wonderful.  The weather was surprisingly nice, considering we were expecting rain.  We did get rain, but not enough to be a problem for our camping and hiking activities.
The campgrounds were very nice, and especially roomy. The hike on Saturday was amazing! The wetlands, including the 2 lakes that we hiked around were incredibly rich. The lakes had very attractive plant life. Not every healthy ecosystem is actually good looking. This one is very much so. We saw 36 adult alligators on the miniature “Alligator Alley” in the park, plus 8 hatchlings. We saw more birds and more types of birds than we could count. PLUS, as an added benefit, we saw thousands of fireflies in the woods around our campsite. They were flickering brilliantly from ground level to treetop.
For photos from our trip, check out <link>.