2023 Membership Application Form

2023 Membership Application Form

Release of phone and email to the club membership?

I hereby make known that I will hold blameless and fully indemnify, including legal expenses, in the case of accident, injury, or damage of any kind, The Woodlands Hiking Club, its officers, members, and volunteers. I recognize hiking and camping, like all forms of outdoor sports, are potentially dangerous including the possibility of property damage, illness, injury, or death may result, and I voluntarily participate at my own risk. I further recognize that safety, my personal fitness, and equipment are my personal responsibility. I agree to participate in keeping all The Woodlands Hiking Club activities safe.

I intend that this release be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assigns and successors in interests.  I understand that these provisions cannot be waived orally.


Dues Payment Options:
(1) Zelle - submit payment using Zelle to TWHCpay@gmail.com

(2) PayPal - submit payment using PayPal to TWHCpay@gmail.com
For Paypal select "For Friends and Family" and NOT "For Goods and Services".  Your dues payment will not be complete if you select the wrong type of payment.  

(3) Other forms of payment can be made at a club meeting or send an email to treasurer@woodlandshikingclub.com.

Please add the comment: "TWHC Dues 2023" to any payment.