Event Release Form & Signup Sheet

2024-04-05 Garner State Park (total eclipse April 8)

2024-04-05 Garner State Park (total eclipse April 8)

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I am a paid up club member for 2023

Disclaimer of Liability

Please read and complete the form.

In signing and submitting this event signup form, I hereby make known that I will hold blameless and fully indemnify, including legal expenses, in the case of accident, injury, or damage of any kind The Woodlands Hiking Club, its officers, members, and volunteers.

I recognize hiking and camping, like all forms of outdoor sports, are potentially dangerous including the possibility of property damage, illness, injury, or death may result, and I voluntarily participate at my own risk.

I further recognize that safety, personal fitness, and equipment are my personal responsibility. I agree to participate in keeping all The Woodlands Hiking Club activities safe.

I intend that this release be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assigns and successors in interests. I understand that these provisions cannot be waived orally.