A Muddy Slog

Sam Houston National Forest

We have had two types of hikes this spring, cancelled hikes and muddy/wet hikes. This morning was beautiful, and we headed up to Sam Houston National Forest west of Lake Conroe. The sun was bright. The skies were blue. The trails were muddy and criss-crossed with fallen trees. This was the most gymnastic hike we have had during the 3 years that we have been with the club. Hoorah!

We hiked about 3 miles, which took us a lot longer than usual courtesy of the mud, the many trees across the trail, and the several streams we had to cross.

The section of the Sam Houston National Forest we were hiking is called “Little Lake Creek Wilderness”. The words don’t make much sense unless you are looking at a map. Look at that map and it starts to make sense.

The bulletin boards have some interesting information.  If you want to know more, see the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) , where you will find lots of information, including maps and parking locations.  For those interested, see what’s it like participating in the LSHT.

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