A Very Wet Spring and Lots of Interest in the Club

Hiking in the rain

This spring has been notable for weekend rains. That is hopefully wonderful for the farmers, but it has been less than ideal for a band of people who like to get out outdoors for hiking and camping. So far, we have had three Day Hikes cancelled (or postponed, or postponed and cancelled again), and one camping trip. Technically, we should have cancelled our campout at Dinosaur Valley State Park, which was deluged twice during our weekend stay up in north Texas. But we were all so anxious to get out that we went anyway. We got in some good hiking, but the Paluxy which runs through the park was running at 6 feet, which made it impassable, and put a lot of the park out of our reach.

We have one more campout scheduled for the spring season at Matagorda Nature Park in May. Our June campout has been preempted by a weeklong club trip to Colorado. We should not have to worry about rain in the Rio Grande National Forest, should we?

This website has proved to be quite useful for recruiting new members to the club. Between the website, our Facebook page, and an article about the club in the Community Impact magazine in November, we have seen a surge in interest in the club. We are receiving multiple email inquiries about the club per month, and we are seeing as many as 10 new people per month at club meetings.

We love to see new faces and share our joy in the outdoors. If you are reading this, send us an email message, or just show up at our next monthly meeting.

If you would like to check us out a bit before reaching out or coming on in, you can check out our newsletters, or peruse some of our photos from recent club activities.

Come join in on the fun. We look forward to seeing you!