January 2018

Bastrop State Park

We have just returned from a wonderful January trip to Bastrop State Park. Things are looking a lot better than they did after the fires of a few years ago. There are lots of dead trees, but they are now pale reminders instead of blackened trunks. Wind and rain have washed away the black and gray scorch marks.

We camped in the Copperas Creek Camping Area and we were very pleased with the facilities. There was a very nice CCC Group Picnic building with a large fireplace and plenty of tables for a group as large as ours. The restrooms have been totally upgraded. They are first rate with a layout that we first saw at Galveston State Park when we were there last year.

We had elected to do our hike for this trip at McKinney Roughs Nature Park. We stitched together several of their trails and got in about 10 miles of hiking on some pretty rugged terrain, at least rugged by our standards. In addition to the wonderful hills and valleys of the park, there were stretches of damp trail which gave us even more exercise.

Thus we start 2018, another year of camping and hiking with The Woodlands Hiking Club.



Well, our hiking season is off to a fine start, and I suppose it is about time for me to add a few words. We started our season with a campout at Galveston Island State Park. That campout is more of a mini-holiday than a hiking sort of expedition. Members partake of various activities including beach time, shopping, dining, kayaking, and even some hiking. Since then the group has done Day Hikes in Downtown Houston, exploring one of the 10K hikes from the Houston Happy Hikers. We have been to Dennis Johnston Park and hiked a bit of the Spring Creek Greenway from the park to Pundt Park and back. That makes for a 6.4 mile round trip hike. The group also headed way west for a weekend at Lost Maples.

If any of this sounds interesting, see our Meetings and join us to learn more.

Rene Champagne
Vice President