Lake Houston Wilderness Park

On Saturday, Dec 6, we had our monthly  Day Hike at Lake Houston Wilderness Park.  At 10 miles, This was the longest Day Hike that I can recall from my 3 years in the club.  To date, all of our hikes have started at 9AM and ended by Noon.  That makes the longest realistic hike about 6 miles, and in reality most of our Day Hikes are 5 miles or less.   This hike actually started at 9:30, and we finished at 2:50PM.

We had 4 new members with us.  Two have been participating in club activities since September/October.  Two contacted us within the last week, and joined on our hike just a few days after first contact.  Interestingly, 3 of our new members are women, and 1 was male.  That does not reflect the demographics of the group.  Overall there is a roughly even balance.

The skies cooperated with us.  It was a cloudy day, but we did not get rained on.  Air temps started in the mid-60’s.  Most of the hikers started out wearing jackets.  After about 1 mile of hiking, the jackets came off and went into backpacks.  We hiked along Peach Creek, which merged with Caney Creek.  Then at the southernmost tip of the park, Caney Creek merges with the East Fork of the San Jacinto River.  We had lunch on the eastern side of the park overlooking the San Jacinto.
We then hiked north to Isabell Lake, did some sightseeing, took a few pictures, then we took a very direct hike along 5-Mile-Road back to the Nature Center.
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