Summer is Over! It’s time to Hike!

For those of you who are new to The Woodlands Hiking Club, we do not schedule campouts or hikes during the summer.   If you have lived in Texas through a summer you know why.   If you have just moved here you will know why next summer.  The other day the temperature was 101 degrees, and the heat index was 124 degrees.  We have lots of wonderful days and weekends for hiking and camping.  Those days definitely do not occur in June, July or August.

So, our calendar is kind of like the school year calendar.   We start activities in September, and we end them in May.  Our first campout for the year is Galveston Island State Park.  We try to get campsites near the beach.  The breezes are nice, and the beach area does not have the mosquito population of the bay side.  We don’t really get in much hiking at Galveston, but we do get to air out our gear in the nice ocean breezes.

Join us at our September meeting (click “Meetings” to the left.  We can get to meet you, you can meet us, and you can find out what we have in store in the way of campouts and hikes in the coming months.